Sarah: From Account Manager to Regional Manager

At Arc, we enjoy celebrating the hard work of our team and watching our team grow together. An example of this is Sarah King, who started as an Account Manager back in 2017 and has worked herself up to Regional Manager for Yorkshire, Midlands and Cardiff. Here’s everything you need to know about Sarah’s journey at Arc…



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When did you start working for Arc?

I started working for Arc as an Account Manager in our Head Office in Liverpool back in May 2017.


What made you apply for a job at Arc?

I had just returned from working seasons abroad, so I had basically just landed in the UK from Austria and was trying to decide my next move. I’ve always loved working in events as before working seasons, I had worked a whole host of hospitality jobs in bars, nightclubs, hotels and event venues. I was also keen to work with people and keep improving my customer service skills. It was my Mum who found the job advert and said that the job role suited me down to the ground – which it absolutely did! I remember being really excited about the job description and the variation in the roles I would be undertaking as an Account Manager.


What does your job role entail?

My job role has changed so much in the last 2 and a bit years with me going from Account Manager in Liverpool, to Area Manager tasked with the job of setting up our Midlands office based in Birmingham and finally, to Regional Manager overseeing our branches in the Midlands, Cardiff and Yorkshire. Currently, my job is to develop the teams and offices in my three areas.Also ensuring our workforce is engaged and happy with their pathways within the company and beyond, cultivate leads within the business, work with all departments, find ways to improve the internal operations and innovate the company.


What do you enjoy about your job?

There’s so much I enjoy. I absolutely love working with the clients across the UK, especially those I have developed and maintained strong relationships with in the last few years. Being able to fulfil their requirements and help with their quality operations is exciting. The whole internal team within the company are amazing to work with daily – everyone is so talented, ambitious and hardworking, it’s just really motivating to work with so many individuals who share similar goals and passions. Recently, with my job role change, I’ve enjoyed being a part of the big strategy and decisions within the company. I’ve worked very closely with Mike and Paul during my time at Arc and am very committed to helping their ultimate goal become a reality.


What do you love about Arc?

I would say almost everything! The support we receive is exceptional. As I have mentioned, the teams are a pleasure to work alongside in all areas. I like the way the company operates, and I really do think in our industry, we are one of a kind. We care about our clients, staff and casual workers. It’s exciting to be a part of! I do believe Arc has real potential to grow and there are really no limits to where we can take this company in the future!


Any significant moments from your time at Arc?

There’s so many! I think if I had to narrow it down, I’d go with one of my first ever experiences which was taking 88 workers from Liverpool to stay in a hotel for a week to work at the Royal Ascot. It was a real challenge but the team I worked with that week have always stood out to me – it was a difficult week, but I only look back at that with very fond memories. Secondly, I’d say moving to Birmingham to set up the Midlands office. This was really out of my comfort zone, but I absolutely jumped at the opportunity. I knew it would be hard work and that I would be working alone but to now look at what the Midlands operation is achieving and has achieved over the past 18 plus months, is one of the proudest moments of my career.


Do you have any motivations?

I’m really motivated by success. Success for myself but also for this company. As I’ve said, the sky is the limit with were we can take Arc and it’s exciting to be involved in this.


What do you see for the future of Arc?

Hopefully, we start branching out overseas. I don’t see why not! I think we have endless opportunities to diversify the company as we do have a real unique skillset in our teams and can utilise this to take the company to the next level. All I know is the future is bright…


Watch this space…

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