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Area Manager

My role in Arc is to manage our office in Manchester ensuring our teams achieve our operational and recruitment goals as well as working with our Regional Manager and Directors to grow the entire UK business.

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When did you start working with the company?

I first started working as a temporary staff when I was in first year at university in Liverpool, one of my fresher flat mates already worked for Arc and introduced me. My first day was flipping burgers on a food van outside Anfield stadium followed by an evening kitchen porter shift for a gala dinner (which was full of footballers and celebrities).

I worked for as a temporary staff member with Arc throughout university, my favourite shifts were bar work at The Racquet Club in Liverpool city centre, food service shifts at Knowsley Hall and Team Leading shifts at Blackburn Rovers FC – great places to work if you get the chance!

Following some part time work helping in the office I was offered a consultant position just as I graduated from university in 2012. I worked my way up to Operation Manager in head office and then opened our Manchester office in February 2016 (where I am mainly based).


What is it that you love about Arc?

It’s cliché but every day is different and the job offers opportunities to see behind the scenes at some of the UK’s most exciting venues. As a football fan I still get excited when I get to walk around football stadiums

The people is what makes Arc and there’s lots of them. I’ve met and worked with so many incredible people at Arc all with many different backgrounds and different admissions. It’s great to also see what some of our previous workers have gone on to do.

The environment we work in can be very pressured and demanding. We are basically an emergency service for the staffing industry and sometimes you feel like you may as well be asked to pull a bunny out of hat! However, I believe we have the best people in the best team in the industry and what we can achieve is always great motivation.


What do you see in the future for Arc:

I’m excited to be involved in the development of our recently opened Birmingham office as well as still growing our presence in Leeds and Manchester.

We’ve got some exciting projects up our sleeves. That’s all I can say for now.


Tell us some interesting facts about yourself:

Well some not so interesting facts . . .

I first started working for Arc when I was 18 (26 now so have been with Arc over a third of my life)

I graduated from University with a 1st class degree in Coaching Development. Slightly different to what I do now…

I can solve a Rubik’s cube in about a minute

I support Bristol Rovers and was a boy ball when I was younger



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