Role in the company:

Area Manager, Leeds 

When did you start working for Arc:

I first started working directly for Arc in December 2017, however was a client of theirs for approximately 2 years in my previous job role. I have approximately 12 years of experience working in hospitality, including cafes, restaurants, hotels and most recently as the Hospitality manager in FD Arena in Leeds for 2.5 years. I have worked events such as the MTV awards, the MOBO awards and many high profile award shows and concerts. My time spent as the hospitality manager in the FD Arena required me to do all the recruitment and staffing for the food and beverage department, to ensure the right staff were recruited and all areas were staffed for events.

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What do you love about Arc:

I love the variations in each day, be it recruiting new staff, holding assessment sessions or visiting sites for staff check ins. No one day is the same and it keeps me on my toes!

I love seeing relationships with clients and staff improve with each event, seeing staff improve their skills and develop through arc.

An interesting fact about yourself:

I have lived in Leeds for 4 years now, and this is now also the 3rd country I have lived in in my life, including Northern Ireland and Belgium!

I have a secret soft spot for Greenwich Borough FC after being born outside the stadium in London.

I have a serious sweet tooth and can make a mean chocolate cake

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